Voice Over Talent

Kansas City has an incredible diverse talent pool of talented and experienced voices.

Below is a sampling of some of the voices we work with, anyone of them will enhance your project.

We can help find and schedule the perfect talent for you next project.

To request our vo sampler or to schedule talent email us at chuck@chapmanrecording.com or call 913-894-6854.

If you need a local talent agency we recommend. . .

Exposure Talent Agency
- 913-317-8801
Talent Unlimited
- 816-561-9040

Voice Over Talent - click button to play demos

Michael Ashcraft
Highly Believable, Sincere and Versatile
Michael Ashcraft works for Sprint, Hallmark, H&R Block, Bushnell Optics, Time Warner Cable, American Century Investments, Children International and Garmin Global Positioning| Systems. He's also put in a few good words for WalMart, Disney, Sue Bee Honey, Lee Jeans, Jiffy Lube, John Deere, Hardees, Pizza Hut, BrandsMart, Mr. Goodcents, Southwestern Bell and AMC Theaters. Michael's common promise is . . . Whatever the little voices in your head may sound like, you can likely talk them out of me in a fast, efficient fashion. In short, he's all talk!

Andy Barnett VO Talent
Younger guy with a voice like "The Making Off" and "The History Chnnel". For a talent with an honest
approach and calm relaxed read Andy would be perfect. Check out his demo.

Chet Hanson VO Talent
Chet offers a rich and round sound with many years of experience. An excellent reader and voice actor who brings credibility to
every project.

Dan Hurst
Narrator and Voice Over Talent - English & Spanish
Dan is not only a great voice talent but can speak Spanish as well as English. He can also handle all your spanish / english translations needs.

Narration Demo VO Demo
Tom Lawrence
Believable & Sincere
Tom has worked in TV for decades and brings a wealth of experience to any session. His authoritative style works for training, corporate, retail, medical and imaging formats. Projects include Hewlett-Packard, McDonnell-Douglas, Grubb and Ellis, Yamaha, Montgomery Ward, Ralph Lauren and the United States Navy. An excellent sight reader and interpreter of copy Tom is a great asset to any producer!

JP Morgan
Narrator and High Energy Voice Over Talent
JP Morgan has a star studded background, (above JP Morgan and Robert Goulet), and has been a major market radio personality since the 1960's. In Kansas City he guided "Tradio" to fantastic ratings and can still be heard on local radio every Saturday. He is also one of the finest "HARD SELL" voices in the region and is a permanent fixture with Chapman Recording having voiced thousands of spots and narration tracks!

Mike Throop
Narrator and Voice Over Talent
Mike Throop is a veteran of voice over production and talk radio. His range covers all age groups with a credible sincere voice. For more info visit Mike's website.

Brian McKiernan
Solid business narrator with plenty of round tone.
With Brian you have found a first rate reader with a good ear for inflection. Saving you time and money while in the
studio. If you're searching for someone who will deliver a rock solid sales message with a bit of lightness Brian is your guy
Push his button to hear his demo.

Bill Kalahurka
Bill has been a solid force on the regionaly production scene for a number of yerars. He offers a warm earthy sound and is a strong reader. His ear is remarkable which puts him in a position to assist with scrip tweaks, feel and flow. We have been working with Bill for years and our clients have been extremely pleased with the results, some of them include, Hallmark Cards, John Deere, Pioneer Hybrid, McCormick Advertising as well as Bank of American . Bill is a fultime professional understanding that production experience makes for an easy running session. Let us book Bill for your next project.

Evan Clark
Younger Guy Next Door
|Evan has recently left the company and moved to Hawaii but he may be availabe at a later date. Please call for information.

Stacy Rae - A
Perfect Woman & Motther for Any Sesson.
Narrator Voice Acto and Voice Over Talent
We work wth alot of talent but Stacuy has something differemet. Stacy is eager and very well
read making here ready to taclke any project.


Chuck Moore
VO Talent and Narrator
Chuckt has a sencere approach with a warm style. He is well suited for one on one message and narration assigmnents.

Kathleen Leighton
The Voice Of Warmth and Sincerity
Kathleen Leighton brings a world of talent and experience to any project. She has provided VO tracks for many of the nations major agencies and "Fortune 500" companies. Clients include Ford Motor Company, Fisher Price, Trico, United Way, Sesame Place, Chase-Pitkin, Ronald McDonald House, St. Joseph Hospital and dozens of political candidates. To hear Kathleen's demo just press the play

Kimberly Justice
Narrator and Voice Over Talent.
Kimberly bring youthful energy to every session. She can play a tennager or a socker mom. Shecan also brings a "neighbor next door"
style to copy that needs a sincere approach. Simpley a great all around talent.

Cathy Barnett
Narrator and Voice Over Talent.
A stag actor with plenty of vo chops. Cathy can be both believeable and loopy. She has a strong medical field background but fits almost any session in need of a seasonend professional.

Barb Lindstrom
VO Talent and Narrator
Barb has been a session fixture for years in Kansas City and can be heard on thousands of commercials and corporate tracks. She brings a sincere and relaxed quality to any project.

Stephanie Hockridge
VO Talent and Narrator
Stephanie has a wealth of vo experience and she brings a warm sincere voice to any project or session.

Valissa Smith
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Kathy Quinn
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Additional Male Voices

Tom Kinnan
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Greg Funk
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Doug Dimmel
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Gary Kerr
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Bill Adams
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Additional Female Voices

Ellen Schenk
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Christy Russell
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Barb Quinn
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Jeanie Blaue
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Rhonda Nolen
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Nimi Asante
Narrator and Voice Over Talent