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The Chapman Staff -

Kansas City has an incredible diverse talent pool of talented and experienced voices.

Below is a sampling of some of the voices we work with, anyone of them will enhance your project.

We can help find and schedule the perfect talent for you next project.

To request our vo sampler or to schedule talent email us at or call

If you need a local talent agency we recommend. . .

Exposure Talent Agency
- 913-317-8801
Talent Unlimited
- 816-561-9040

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VOXKC, a new partnership of Chapman Recording and Andy Barnett, presents "MEET THE PROS - TOM KANE". An evening featuring Tom Kane the voice of the Acadamy Awards, Yoda of Star Wars fame and thousand of commercials. The event is scheduled for Monday 10/19/15 at 7pm at Chapman Recording and Mastering. Call 913-894-6854 for information space is limited.

Andy Barnett "Warm, Energy, Image, Educational, Informative, Retail" VO Talent

Chet Hanson "Warm, Image, Mature, Informative, Documentary" VO Talent

Dan Hurst "Strong, Energy, Authority, Retail" VO Talent

Jon Specht "Warm, Image, Energy, Engaging, Documentary" VO Talent

Wes Cunningham "Solid, Authority, Retail" VO Talent

Matthew Dunehoo "Youthful, Energy, Retail" VO Talent

Narration Demo Commercial Demo
Connor Quinn "Warm, Energy, Variety, Retail" VO Talent

Scott Lambright Smith "Youthful Energy, Retail" VO Talent

Corey Hansen "Genuine, Warm, Retail" VO Talent

Michael Ashcraft "Warm, Energy, Retail" VO Talent

Rick Schmitz "Energy, Character, Retail" VO Talent

Narration Demo VO Demo
Tom Lawrence "Solid, Mature, Business" VO Talent

JP Morgan "High, Energy, Radio, Power, Retail" VO Talent

Mike Throop "Warm, Engaging" VO Talent

Brian McKiernan "Warm, Image, Business, Educational" VO Talent

Bill Kalahurka "Warm, Image, Neighborly, Engaging" VO Talent


Chuck Moore "Warm, Inviting, Mature" VO Talent

Spot Demo

Training Demo

Carrie Olsen "Youthful Energy" great with sales & corporate VO Talent

Mellissa Lorenz "Youthful Energy" VO Talent

Gaby Lucas (Spanish) "Youthful Energy" VO Talent

Kathleen Leighton "Warm, Image, Educational, Business, Retail" VO Talent

Kimberly Justice "Youthful, Actor, Character, Retail" VO Talent

Cathy Barnett "Actor, Character, Image, Engaging, Educational, Retail" VO Talent

Barb Lindstrom "Authority, Image, Engaging, Educational, Retail" VO Talent

Nichole Gentry "Youthful Adult, Good Neighbor, Retail" VO Talent

Amber Dawn "Youthful, Energy, Retail, Audio Books" VO Talent

Venice Parker "Energy, Character, Kids, Retail" VO Talent

Terran Smith "Youthful Energy, Narration & Retail" VO Talent

Valissa Smith "Authority, Educational, Mature" VO Talent

Kathy Quinn "Newsy, Energy, Authority" VO Talent

Additional Male Voices

Tom Kinnan
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Doug Dimmel
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Gary Kerr
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Bill Adams
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Additional Female Voices

Ellen Schenk
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Christy Russell
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Barb Quinn
Narrator and Voice Over Talent

Jeanie Blaue
Narrator and Voice Over Talent