Chapman Recording & Mastering

Tech Notes - Unique Equipment and Upgrades

We are constantly looking at new and vintage technologies to keep the facility on the cutting edge, adding dozens of new pieces each year to improve capabilities and meet the ever changing industry trends.

The acoustic signature of each recording space is also evaluated with renovations made as recording techniques and tastes change.

Uninterrupted sessions revolve around equipment working at peak levels, this begins with our serious maintenance program.

Chapman Recording and Mastering is dedicated to providing the finest facility and gear available.

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Lenexa, Ks. 66215 (A Suburb of Kansas City, Mo.)

Both studios have been updated to the fastest workstation in the production marketplace. We have upgraded to the AVID HDX workstation for a faster workflow and greater effects processing. As part of this facility wide upgrade we've also added the Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite "Thunderbolt" OCTO Ultimate plugin interface. With 8 SHARC processor and 95% of all Universal Audio plugins the UAD2 increases our plugin capabilities with almost unlimited possibilities.

2 New RAD SSL 4000 Channel Mic-Pre-Eq-Dynamics Strips have been added.
This gives the B room SSL 4000 capabilities for overdubing and fixes. Also available in CR-A.

Control Room A Gets a Monitor Upgrade
A pair of Westlake BBSM 12's were recently added to our speaker array in CR A. This SSL room now boasts a pair of Genelec 1031a's, a pair of custom dual 12 JBL's and the Westlakes. Also added was a KRK subwoofer for extended low end.

Analog Tape Restoration - Baking
We have installed a dedicated system for baking analog tape. During the 1980's and '90's a lot of analog tape was issued with binder issues causing the tape to flake and become sticky. This baking technique restores the tape to a playable and stable state so it can then be transfered to Protools or another other format for extended storage and archiving. If you have reels of analog tape that won't play give us a call, we can fix it.

The Neumann TLM 67 Microphone
We've added a pair of the new Neumann TLM 67's to our extensive mic collection. The 67 is one of the finest mics made and this new version passes the test with flying colors. Warm and clean makes this mic great for almost ever voice as well as drum over-heads. The first session we did with our pair was for rock legend Bryan Adams.

Vintech x73 Neve Mic Pre
The Neve 1073 mic pre is famous for it's warmth and presence and now it is part of the Chapman Recording arsenal. The Vintech x73 offers a high end 1073 pre amp with essential eq.

The Ultimate Compressor/Limiter
Just added, a pair of the Empirical Labs EL8-X DISTRESSORS with "Brit & Image" options. The ultimate compressor/limiter unit available. Us it to soften the edges or NUKE it for presence and that "In Your Face" balance.

Ribbons Sound Exceptional On Electric Guitars
A pair of the Royer 121 ribbon mic's have been added to offer a unique tonal color when recording electric guitars. The 121 has become the mic of choice for guitars due to it's meaty and warm sound.

You Can't Have Enough Neumanns
For drum overheads, piano and acoustic guitar we've purchased a pair Neumann KM184's. These small condessors offer a crisp edge, great when recording acoustic instruments.

New Tools For Surround Mixing
In an effort to remain on the cutting edge of surround sound technology we've add the Waves 360 Surround Tools plug-in for Protools. These tools allow us more control over every aspect of the surround sound mixing process with speaker calibration, surround reverbs, surround limiting and surround to stereo down mixing.

The ROYER SF-24 Is The Finest Stereo Ribbon Microphone On The Planet
Our first session with the SF-24 blew everyone away! The Royer offers perfect stereo imaging for piano, drum overheads, acoustic guitar, brass sections and choir work. The legendary engineer Bruce Swedien, (Quincy Jones, Duke Ellington), said "I've never heard anything better than the Royer". This mic improves everything you use it on!

Yamaha C 7 Grand Piano
We are proud to announce the addition of a brand new 7' 6" Yamaha C grand piano to our arsenal of keyboards in Studio B. This beautiful instrument has the finest sound and touch of any piano made. Most professional studios consider the C7 to be the the best sounding recording piano in the world.

To add another tone and texture to our amp arsenal we've purchased the mighty "TINY TERROR" from Orange. Clean to raging this little class A valve guitar amp sound ferocious.

Marshall Rig / Classic Guitar Sounds
Getting big guitar sounds on your next project just got easier at Chapman Recording. We've added a new Marshall TSL 100 amp and 1960tv speaker cabinet. Considered one of the best sounding guitar amp set ups, the Marshall rig is available at no charge in either studio.

Your Choice Of Keyboards / Classic Sounds Abound
No matter what color of sound you're looking for we have it covered. From our classic Hammond B3 and Leslie 122 rotating speaker to the "Beatles" favorite Wurlitzer electric piano to the contemporary Korg Triton with the latest stereo piano and synth sounds, your tracks will sound bigger and bolder. We also have a Yamaha C7 acoustic grand piano!

DW Studio Drum Kit
We've very excited about the addition of our DW drum set. The kit includes 4 toms, snare and kick along with a complete compliment of Ziljian A cymbals.

Solid State Logic
As "Analog" continues to make a come back Chapman Recording and Mastering leads the way. With the installation of our SOLID STATE LOGIC console we've built one of the best sounding analog studios in the region. The 4056 console offers 56 mic inputs with 112 lines inputs and offers the famous TOTAL RECALL automation along with the in-demand "Black" EQ's Each channel has it's own compressor and gate with the best routing of any analog console made. We've expanded our Protools hardware to accommodate 56 inputs and outputs and when you add our new Studer 2" 24 track there just isn't a better sounding front end or mixing setup.

Audio Ease Software Uses Chapman Reverbs
Audio Ease, (The Netherlands), is now offering a complete set of our AltiVerb Reverb Impulses. We sampled a variety of rooms, spaces and vintage analog gear to make a new set of reverbs for the AltiVerb Reverb software for Protools. The manufacturer was so impressed with our sounds that they now offer the set to all customers, worldwide. Visit their website for more info . . .

Genelec Sub-Woofer
We've just added the fabulous Genelec 7070a sub-woofer to Studio C. This is considered the finest sub available and adds extended low end, down to 19hz, and sound pressure level to our Genelec 1031's. For music production this speaker fills the room with the low end clients love. Come by to hear the difference!

10 Channel Headphone System
Studio B is being fitted for the new Formula "Cue 10" headphone system. Each personal station offers 10 channels of control over each musicians cue mix. The high end Formula system is well know for it's robust sound quality and durability. The Cue 10 is manufactured in England and is the system of choice by most Nashville studios.

Korby Convertible
A great addition to our mic locker is the Korby "Convertible". This is the finest sounding new mic to come along in 40 years. It's unique 5 head design offers the classic AKG C12, 251 plus the Neumann U67 & U47 and Sony 800.

The Neve Rack
New to Control B is the Neve Rack. This 16 channel outboard rig offers the classic English mic pre-amp and equalizer combination. The modules were pulled from our Neve 8232 console, (currently in storage), and modified by Nashville Neve Guru Steve Landau. The custom mobile rack was built by New York Taytrix Audio. The patchbays and DA88 recorders were also upgraded to accommodate the robust analog signal. In general the rack "Warms Up" the digital format and provides a much fatter sound than traditional digital pre-amps. Music clients love how big bass and drums sound after being cut with the Neve modules.

Covered By Wi-Fi
Chapman Recording now offers Wi-Fi wireless internet connection through out our entire facility. No matter where you are,studios, kitchen or lounge, you can stay connected at all times.

Gear With A Unique History

Elvis To Aretha / The Plate Reverbs
Chapman Recording is fortunate to have 3 EMT plate reverbs. These acoustic devises were made in Germany during the late 1950's and offer the finest "Vocal" reverb available. EMT Plate #1 was originally owned by American Studios in Memphis and was used on several early Elvis recordings. Plates #2 & #3 were once owned by producer Phil Ramone while at A & R Studios in New York. These units be can heard on many of the Atlantic Records hits including some of the Aretha Franklin and Simon & Garfunkle hits of the 1960's. All 3 plates reside in the downstairs "Plate Room" and are remote-able to control room B & C.