Chapman Recording & Mastering

Studio C - Editing, Format Transfers, Midi & Writers Room

Studio C features a wide variety of digital and analog gear for all types of format transfers, vinyl, cassette, reel to reel and cd.

The suite is also set up for midi composition and editing with a
Korg Triton keyboard with Reason sequencing software.

The room offers a comfortable 15' x 12' control room , comfortable leather sofa and Apple 24" IMac G5 with broadband access. An elegantly appointed lounge is just outside the door with additional sofa, HDTV and wall art.

Studio C is booked for format transfers, audio enhancement and clean-up, Protools editing/mixing, midi composition and song writing.

For more information call

8805 Monrovia Street
Lenexa, Ks. 66215 (A Suburb of Kansas City, Mo.)

Protools TDM x 6 Accell Cards
8 x 8 Inputs/Outputs
Extensive Plug-Ins

Yamaha O2R Console

Recorders & Playback:
Otari MRT 10 - 1/4" Half Track
Tascam DA88 Digital Tape
Alesis M20 Adat Recorder - 16 & 24 Bit
Tascam DA60 Time code Dat Recorder
HHB Real time CD Recorders
Tascam CD-01U Pro CD Player
Numark Digital / Analog Turntable
Tascam 301 Cassette Recorder
Sony 1/4" Quarter Track Tape Recorder

Genelec 8030A

QT Video Playback

Instruments & Midi:
Korg "Studio" Triton - Grand Piano Card
Yamaha Dx7 Synth Keyboard

Sequencing and Music Creation:
Reason 8
Pro Tools Midi