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From blazing guitars to heart bounding drums we can help you find your signature studio sound. We have the mics, we have the preamps and we have the processors but more importantly we have the expierence.

Achieving intense creativity requires less effort in our 2 state of the art studios. The physical complex itself plays a big part in this process - lighting, acoustics, monitoring and aesthetics.

Creature comforts and a helpful staff also add to the atmosphere as do a extensive supply of lovingly maintained mic's and other technological toys.

Album and demo production.
Hourly, block, day and week rates.
Studio time available 24 / 7

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Our space is available for video shoots. Standard rates apply.

8805 Monrovia Street
Lenexa, Ks. 66215 (A Suburb of Kansas City, Mo.)

Gary Charleson - Classics From The Past
Back in the '70's and 80's Titan Records was a powerhouse of pop releasing classic after classic under a banner of "It's All Pop". One of their most prolific artist's was Gary Charlson. Gary wrote memorable catchy rock pop lyrics with energetic rock guitar backing tracks. Gary is still performing around Kansas City. The Titan Records library has been picked up by the Chicago based label "Numero Group" who is now districbuting the greatest hits album "It's All Pop.

"Hava" - CupaJoe CD
The talented group CupaJoe has finished their latest album "Hava". This rock flavored cd has a little bit of everything. Guitarist and producer Joe Pluff has an an exstensive background in songwriting, performing and record production. Having lead 'For The Broken" to local sucess Joe brings his new band to new levels of creativity while working with Chaman Recording staff engineer Rob Rebeck. Look for this great new album spring 2017.

MAD LIBBY - Records new EP
KC area rock band MAD LIBBY has finished their latest EP. Great songs and performances are showcased on this new cd. Catch this talented band at a show near you.

ORIGIN Records New Album
Death Metal Band "ORIGIN" moved into Studio A for the month of Feburary to track and mix their latest album. Our contection with the band goes back several years recording albums almost yearly. Rob Rebeck did all of the engineering as in the past. The project was the first for Rob and Origin by being recorded at the higher 82.2kHz sample rate. This higher resolution delivers amazing clariety. (Paul Ryan & Rob Rebeck L-R)

MEATSHANK Gets Loud With "Ruins Of Depravity"
One of the best rock bands in the midwest, Meatshank ,has released their latest album "Ruins Of Depravity". Band members include Vinne Lee on guitar, Alex on lead guitar, Murray on bass and Shane on drums. This album brings a whle new meaning to "wall of sound" with Rob Rebeck handling engineering in Studio A. Search out this cd you won't be sorry.

Famous For A Day
Kevin Ploth and his band take a break while tracking their latest project. The album is due out in late spring or early summer. Shown above is Famous For A Day and engineer Rob Rebeck.

"SEEMS TO ME" - Rick Bacus
Rick Bacus, a musical feature for decades in the midwest, has released his latest album "SEEMS TO ME". Rick wrote, arranged and performed all of the material on the album. The songs are some of finest we've heard from a local artist in many years. Rick surrounded himself with great studio musicians to round out an "earthly rock solid sound". For more info visit Ricks website.

"Flawless Execution", the new album from Bleed The Victim has been released. This "melodic thrash metal: band from Topeka are excellent musicians. some of the tightest musicians we've had in the studio is some time. The band is Brett Johnson on drums, Damon Bradley on bass, Tyler Shuford on guitar and Alec Johnson on guitar and vocals. Rob Rebeck engineered the album with mastering by Neil Simpson. These guys are just starting to make waves.

Rick Gibson Sings the "Junkyard" Blues
"Junkyard Son" is Rick Gibson's latest blues album. Rick has written a collection of memorable songs telling the story of the people of the Ozarks. The album was written and produced by Rick were he also played the guitars tracks along with Rick Huyett on bass, Joel Shipley on drums and Dave Patmore on vocals. This is Rick's 2nd album with Rob Rebeck and Chapman Recording and it was mastered by Neil Simpson.

Aluna Album Project
Nick Hamlin and his band Aluna are putting the final touches to their latest album project. This power alt rock trio offers an
agressive sound with a deeper message. Engineer Rob Rebeck handled all of the tracking and mixing duties. Mastering was done
by Neil Simpson. Watch for a release in 2016.

We are excited about having Kristen May and her band in the studio for a new project. They are working with engineer Rob Rebeck. Look for a new release in the near future. Group photo: Sam Hoskins, Kristen May, Brian Little. Bottom photo is Drew Little.
Update: The album "CONVERSATIONS" has been released.

Christian rock band GRANDEUR has started their 2nd album with Chapman Recording and engineer Rob Rebeck. The album "TELL ALL THE WORLD" is being tracked on analog 2" 24 track and released on vinyl later 2015. For more info visit the bands website . . .

Heavy Rockers VANLADE have been camped out in the studio recording and mixing their latest album project. These multi-talanted musicians and producers have the "Touch" and are guiding the album to a blazing new orbit. "Rage of the Gods" has a planned release date for of early spring.

Critics Rave For Best Death Metal Band
One of the most intense and technical forces in the contemporary death metal world, Origin have returned to stake their claim as the leaders of metal's new wave of extremity with their fifth studio effort, Entity. Origin continue to churn out frantic, hell-paced slabs of metal, but now they further compliment the arrangements with a new found propensity for churning grooves and the hook-laden approach that first reared its head on 2008's Antithesis. Now on follow-up and Nuclear Blast debut, Entity, they have a new vocalist and a new lease on life, jumping out of the gates with an amazing tour with Hate Eternal, Vital Remains and Abysmal Dawn. Co produced and engineered by our own Rob Rebeck in Studio A.

The Band From Down Under
Stormcellar is one of Australia's most successful under the radar musical exports. The band was in Studio A working with engineer Rob Rebeck while tour the US. The band was recording in each city they performed to produce a new album release.

Black Oxygen "The American Dream"
Black Oxygen recorded their new album "The American Dream" with staff engineer Rob Rebeck. It will be released in stores on March 6th. Visit the bands website for more info .

Jean-Yves Astier / French Blues Artist
Blues artist Jean-Yves Astier was in Studio A for 5 nights recording a new project. The sessions were produced by David Pruitt of the Belairs and Gerard Roumagne. The album project was recorded all analog on the Studer A827 24 track tape machine. Engineering was handled by our own George Hunt.

Grammy Winner Bryan Adams Tracking New Song
Pop Rock icon and Grammy Winner Bryan Adams was in Studio B tracking a song with his band for a new project. The songwriter/ singer was in the area for a concert and needed to record due to a production deadline. The files were then sent onto producer Ben Dobie in England for editing and mixing.

Accardo Does ABC Publishing Session
Pop Rock artist and songwriter Chris Accardo has completed a series of sessions for ABC Publishing with Rob Rebeck. The original songs were performed by Chris and area studios musicians. Watch for more news from Chris as he continues to develope his west coast contections.

Hard Cash Band
The Hard Cash Band recorded new tracks with engineer George Hunt in Studio A. The band recently won the Club Wars battle of the bands.

THE HAND OF MIDAS Working On New Album
Regional heavy rockers The Hand of Midas have been tracking and mixing their new album with staff engineer Rob Rebeck. The bands first full length album is due out later in 2009 as the band continues a extensive touring schedule. Check out the bands website for the most current information . . . .

Chapman Recording Voted "BEST PLACE TO CUT A RECORD"
The PITCH WEEKLY has released their "BEST OF KANSAS CITY" and we are proud to announce Chapman Recording and Mastering was voted best place to record in Kansas City. Thanks Kansas City!!

TITAN Records Makes A Come Back & Rolling Stone Magazine
From 1977 through the early 1980's Titan Records was a regular at Chapman Recording. Artists like Gary Charlson, Airless Peach, The Secrets, Gems, J.P. McClain & The Intruders and Millionaire At Midnight recorded dozens of memorable tracks for the pop label. It's been years since the recordings have seen daylight but thanks to the Numero Group the hits have all been re-issued. The double cd set "It's All Pop" is available from and other main stream retailers and was recently reviewed by Rolling Stone Magazne. Chuck Chapman engineered and co-produced many of the tracks.

Origin Recording New CD
Internationally renowned technical death speed band ORIGIN has been working with Rob Rebeck on a new Replase Records album. "ANTITHESIS" is in store and receiving great reviews. REVIEW BUSTERS says . . . "I am in love with this album. I am not just saying this because I want people to listen to Origin. This is by far the best technical death metal album so far in 2008".

100001 Band Records Project
Area rock/punk "TEN THOUSAND ONE" band has started a new album in Studio B. The new songs have a lot of blazing energy backed up with precision musicianship.

Kessler Tracking New Album
The Dallas based band Kessler has been working in Studio C on guitar tracks for their
new YMA cd. The band is on a national tour while the new cd is being mixed.

The Leo Project
Regional favorite THE LEO PROJECT has been working with engineer Robert Rebeck on a new project. The
group has just finished winning the Club Wars band contest. We've really enjoyed having these guys in the studio,
they're extremely talented.

Sometimes Three
Sometimes Three has released their long awaited debut album "ALL EYES". The group features Chris Accardo,
Josh Batz, Mike Gates and Steve Parker. The band just completed a concert at the Uptown with the cd available all
over town./

The Messiah Complex
Kansas City based rockers THE MESSIAH COMPLEX have just complete their new cd, "BLACK SEPTEMBER", at
Chapman Recording. Mastering was done by our own Neil Simpson.

Heavy Frequency Magazine Hammers Out CD
Chapman Recording is excited about the bands and tracks we've been recording and mixing for the new HEAVY
FREQUENCY compilation. The cd features 15 of the regions very best bands and does a great job to showcase the
Kansas City rock scene. Just a few of the bands in the studio . . . Out Of Suffering, Schemata, Burning Existence,
Eyes Of The Betrayer, SideWise, The Leo Project and The Messiah Complex.

Blue 88 / Live Album Mixing
Staff engineer has just put the finishing touches on mixes of a new live album for local legends BLUE 88. All of the
tracks were recoded on location by Rob and mixing on the SSL. The band is currently out on tour but watch for this
great sounding album soon. For more information visit the bands website.

Crash The Car
Rock band CRASH THE CAR has finished their new ten track album. The band includes Adam Montgomery,
Scott King, Matt Pluff and Joe Pluff. The project was engineered and mastered by Rob Rebeck. For more
information visit the website . . . .

Kirkland Band / Cutting New Tracks
Chicago area band "KIRKLAND" has just finished up new tracks for an upcoming EP release.. This powerful trio
offers up some really great songs with a heavey-pop rock sound. The project was engineered by Rob Rebeck.

Columbia Signs Donnie Miller
Regional rocker Donnie Miller recorded his Columbia Imagine Records "One Of The Boys" at Chapman Recording. The project featured Cyndi Lauper and Tommy Shaw of Styx and was produced by Jason Casaro,(Pictured with Donnie), of Madonna, Steve Winwood and Robert Plant fame.

Midwest rockers Schemata have just completed their new cd project at Chapman Recording. The sessions were
produced by the band.

National music sensation "KORN" recently visited Studio B to record voices for an episode of SOUTH PARK. The
session was produced by one of the shows creators Matt Stone and was recorded both ISDN , to Los Angeles, and to
digital 24 track at Chapman Recording.

ALL / Percolater Album
A little know fact . . . the band ALL recorded their critically acclaimed album "Percolater" at Chapman Recording.

We are proud to announce that Chapman Recording has been voted
"Best Recording Studio In Kansas City" by the Pitch Magazine and Project Backstage