Rap & Hip Hop Production

In today’s music industry, capturing your ideas and bringing them to life goes far beyond buying studio time.

Chapman Recording and Mastering provides a relaxed setting where you can thrive and create with other artists and our dynamic production team.

We provide one of the finest facilities in the region, creative engineers and producers plus decades of knowledge and experience.

Album & demo production
Beat production
Huge sound effects library
Mastering & same day cd duplication

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"$50 pr hr Special"
Extended through September 2015
Record, track, edit or mix with some of the best!

Official Staff Beat Producer
We are pleased to announce the additon of Alec Sartianno to the production staff. Alec fills our BEAT PRODUCER role. After an extensive search and interview process we were impressed us with his musical ability and business ethic. Beats start at $100 with exclusive leases available. All beats are tracked out offering maximum flexibility so if you need high end tracks give us a call.

JFLEX - "In This World"
The talented up and coming rapper JFLEX has put the finishing touches to his newest CD project. Jonny "JFLEX" Nicholson is one of the hardest working indie artists we've heard in a while. Watch for his touring and concert schedule and the album later this year.

Rapper and emcee Jay Mizz of Junction City is working on his latest project with producer Marcus Howard of KMD (Kings Make Dreams) and engineer George Hunt. Watch for great things from this talented artist.

One of Kansas Citys most creative rappers is at it again. The Popper has released his greatest album to date with "Values, Beliefs, Loyalty & Respect". The Popper is know for his high energy and catchy hooks.

TECH N9NE - Best Ever
"Something Else" brings the whole world together for the first time, an all inclusive album.
Big name guest artists round out this
ground breaking project.

Krizz Kaliko "SON OF SAM"
"Maybe the most inovative album Krizz has ever done. Great concepts with great vocals and storeylines. Already climbing the charts, watch for this album to really take off.

TECH N9NE - Biggest Ever
"6's & "7's" feature some of the industrys biggest names of RAP and Tech is putting them to work on
another masterpiece. Arriving at Billboard's Top 200 Chartes as #4 shows some real growth and grrit

Strangeland features many of the Strange Music roster. The sound is in you face and very big.
Look for it at the Strange website or your local store.

Another great album from the KOD album. Out standing talent, great production and inovative songs.

Devin the Dube Does A Feature For Sticky Icky Entertainment
Producer Brian Singleton had Devin The Dude cut tracks on his latest project for Sticky Icky
Eintertainment. The music is on the edge and the DUDE helps keep it there.

Music and Making Up Yards is at the core of this NFL star DEXTER McCLUSTER.
Dex's new project is a smooth grove track with a original vocal performance. Whatch the air waves for more magic,
Engineered by Rob Rebeck.

KUTT CALHOUN - Red Headed Stepchild -
Kutt and Strange Music have pushed pass the edge with this great new EP.

Big Ben and Popper Are Mining Gold Again on Main Street
The is no stronger musical team than Big Ben and the Popper in the region. Words, Music, Stage, Showcase and marketing making the team unstoppeable. Look for product in the stores mid summer, Rrecorded and mixed by Chapman Recording's Ben Cybulsky.

Actor Bobb'e J. Thompson & Artist POPPER
Actor, rapper and comedian BOBB'E J. THOMPSON has been in the studio working on a new EP with The Popper. Mr. Thompson is well known for his movie roles including "Role Models" for Universal Pictures. The sessions are beinging engineered by George Hunt.

A legend of the Kansas City music scene, Big Scoob has released his latest album "MONSTERIFIK. Scoob brings a rich history of recording and production with a street message and attitude. His unique style has been a road map for many younger artists over the years. The album was produced and released by Strange Music. The album is full of the regions best talent guided to a great album by Scoob.

Strange Music and Tech N9ne have finished tracking and mixing the latest COLLABOS alabum. Features include Devin The Dude, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Yukmouth, Stevie Stone, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun and Big Scoob. The album was produced by Strange Music and engineered by Rob Rebeck..

COGNITO - Automatic
West coast rapper Cognito is working in Studio A on a new cd project with D-Buck and Rob Rebeck. The album will be released by Strange Music early next year. http://www.myspace.com/cognito707

TECH N9NE Wins MTV Award
Another industry tip of the hat to Tech N9ne. His latest award is the MTV "LEFT FIELD WOODIE". Shown here at the MTV Video Awards in New York. More great things to come . . . .

The newest cd from Tech N9ne "KOD" is another master piece for KC's king of Rap and his label Strange Music. The project features Three 6 Mafia, Brotha Lynch Hung and King Gordy. The executive producer is Travis O'Guin, engineered by Rob Rebeck. Take a listen to Tech's new direction!

BROTHA LYNCH HUNG - Dinner and a Movie
West coast rapper Brotha Lynch has just complete his latest album at Chapman Recording. The "Gold Album" artist has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. His albums sell millions and have a very large audience. The sessions were engineered by Rob Rebeck. The album will be released by Strange Music Inc and should be out in the next few months.

The long awaited new album from KRIZZ KALIKO is finally here. "GENUIS" is one of the best projects from STRANGE MUSIC yet. It features a variety of musical styles and the sensational vocals/rap from the talented KRIZZ KALIKO. The album was engineered and co-produced by ROB REBECK for Strange Music. This cd is a must listen for all serious music lovers.

Strange Music has done it again with TECH N9NE's new cd "SICKOLOGY 101". The album features some of Tech's best material ever. The project was engnieered and mixed by staff engineer Rob Rebeck and produced by Travis O'Guin. Chapman Recording is proud to be involved with another creative effort from Strange Music and Tech N9ne!

National rapper PAUL WALL's latest album FAST LIFE credits our own ROB REBECK as engineer and mixing for a feature with TECH N9NE. The project was recorded and mixed at Chapman Recording for ASYLUM RECORDS and STRANGE MUSIC INC.

Beats For Sale
Producers Rob Rebeck and Seven Offer up their latest creations
Click the green button above to listen to samples

Canton Ohio's Gemma Productions brought together talent from all over the country to work on the "HMG" project.
Pictured above is L-R front row: Po Boy, Black Ice, RoBlack, Reezo, OD. Back row: Kev "The Street Mayor", Phantom, Ben Keyz,
Dex The Passion and F. S. Rhymocide. Release summer 2010. The session was engineered by our own Ben Cybulsky.

"Bound In Chains" by Killa C has just been released. The latest project from Dirty Thug Records was engineered by our own Rob Rebeck with assistance from Neil Simpson.

Kansas City Chief TAMBA HALI Mixes New Ablum
Defensive lineman and rapper Tamba Hali has been in mixing his new album with staff engineer George Hunt. Watch for this talented artist to make some noise on the national music scene.

Canton Ohio recording artist "DEX" has been in Studio A with Rob Rebeck mixing his latest cd project. The sessions were produced
by GEMA Productions. DEX has also recorded with TECH N9NE and STRANGE MUSIC.

Chapman Recording Voted "BEST PLACE TO CUT A RECORD"
The PITCH WEEKLY has released their "BEST OF KANSAS CITY" and we are proud to announce Chapman Recording and Mastering was voted best place to record in Kansas City. Thanks Kansas City!!

With the assistance of producer Seven, (aka Michael Summers), and engineer Rob Rebeck, XV has completed his new album "KID WITH THE GREEN BACKPACK". The project tells the tale of a young rapper coming up through the ranks to make his mark. Sessions included real strings and brass along with some of the most creative instrumentation we've ever heard. Look for this remarkable cd in stores soon.

The reviews are in and "KILLER" is making some very big waves. "This 2 cd set offers the best work Tech and Strange Music have ever made available", Trans World Entertainment urban music director Violet Brown says . . . "Tech has given us a master-piece". The album took over four months to record and mix but nothing sounds as big.

UPDATE: "Killer" has charted at No. 12 on the latest Billboard top 200, selling 36,200 units in the first week. The double album is the nation's No. 1 indie album and No. 4 hip-hopcd cd just behind Lil Wayne, G-Unit and Three 6 Mafia.

UPDATE: "Killer" comes in at #34 on ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE'S "TOP 40 ALBUMS" chart!

SKATTERMAN & SNUG BRIM - Straight from the streets to your stereo, Skatterman & Snug Brim are here to make noise n’ the hood. Reppin’ Kansas City hard, you know these gritters will be grindin’ from start to finish. Another Strange Music production engineered by our own Rob Rebeck.

KC Chiefs defensive tackle, Tank Tyler, has been working on a new cd with the Chapman staff. #93 has a real talent for the music and lyrics.

Renowned producer Brian Seals recently worked on tracks for JIVE recording artist CHRIS BROWN. The session was engineered by our own Andrew Twetner.

"The Plot Thickens" was released in late May and has already charted in Billboard at #62. The album was created by Killa C and LA with engineering by Rob Rebeck. The duo is currently on tour with Tech N9ne, Paul Wall ill Will. http://www.dirtythug.com/home.html

POPPER On The Fast Track
Nationally know rapper THE POPPER has completed tracking his new cd with engineer Andrew Twenter. The album is being mixed by Rob Rebeck and should be released in a few months. A major promotional push is currently under way.

Recording Artist, producer and movie start ICE CUBE is working with TECH N9Ne and STRANGE MUSIC INC on a track for an up coming album. The project is being co-produced by engineer Rob Rebeck and Travis O'Guin.

New Album From Krizz Kaliko
KRIZZ KALIKO's new album "VITILIGO" has hit the streets. This very original project is Krizz's first solo release
although he has been an important feature on all of the Tech N9ne albums. The cd was engineered and co-produced by our own
Rob Rebeck. For more info visits the Strange Music website or http://www.myspace.com/bigkrizzkaliko

This months issue of the SOURCE magazine features several articles and adds for Tech, Krizz and Strange Music. Also pictured in the publication is engineer Rob Rebeck who engineers and co-produces with Tech and Strange on all of the labels projects. Tech mentions that Chapman Recording and Mastering is his exclusive "Home Base" for all recording.

Mac Lethal Gets 3 1/2 Stars
Rolling Stone Magazine has just given Kansas City rap legend MAC LETHAL 3 1/2 stars for his latest cd "11:11". The new project was produced by Mac for Rhymesayer Entertainment. This talented artist is making waves all of the nation with his powerful work.

Nationally renowned rap duo "Skatterman & Snug Brim" have just completed their new cd for Strange Music, Inc. The sessions feature great songs, performances and production. The project was engineered by Rob Rebeck and will be avaialbe everywhere first quarter of 2008. For more infor . . . . http://www.skatterandsnug.com/

International Rapper Tracks Album
Denmarks most successful rapper, L.O.C., has been working in Studio C with producer SEVEN. L.O.C. is signed with Virgin Denmark and this new project will feature some of Kansas City's finest. (Mantooth, SEVEN, L.O.C.)

Tech N9ne Lands At #49
Tech' latest album "COLLABOS" sold over 13,515 units the first week of it's release and had landed at #49 in the top 200 . The new project features some the regions best talent - Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Proazk, Skatterman & Snub Brim plus bay area legend Yukmouth. This top drawer album features production from Michael "Seven" Summers, David Sanders and our own Rob Rebeck who also engineered the project.

Prozak Mixes New CD
National known recording artist PROZAK has put the finishing touches on his new album in Studio B. The project was mixed by Rob Rebeck with production assistance from Krizz Kalico.

ALPHA DOG DVD / Soundtrack From Tech N9ne
We're excited about our involvement on the new film ALPHA DOG which stars Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone and Justin Timberlake. As it turns out director Nick Cassavetes is an huge Tech N9ne fan and wanted Tech to score a portion of the film. Tech immediately contacted staff engineer Robert Rebeck and Chapman Recording to arrange studio time to track and mix the music. Also involved was Tech's musical partner Krizz Kalico, the project was produced for Travis O'Guin and Strange Music Inc.

Rychuz Tracks New Project
With a positive message and clean lyrics rapper Rychuz has been working with Rob Rebeck on a new cd project. The tracks will be shopped the artist in LA, NY and Boston.. Rychuz has been working in the industry for over 11 years on both sides of the mic, as an performing artist and producer. Check out his website rychuz@mayspace.com

Rap Royalty Record For KC Chiefs
Some of the biggest names in KC Rap gathered recently to record a new game day song for the Kansas City Chiefs. The track, "IT'S ON NOW 07", was created by Seven and produced by KC Star sports writer Jason Whitlock with the assistance of Strange Music headman Travis O'Guin. Just a few of those who participated . . . . Rich The Factor, Bacari, Big Scoob, T-Will, Tech N9ne and Zig. The sessions were engineered by Justin Mantooth. Watch for the track at games during the 2007 season.

Insane Clown Posse / Mix For New Project
Chief music engineer Rob Rebeck has mixed a new track for the major label group INSANE CLOWN POSSE. The track was produced by Tech N9ne and Seven and mixed in Studio B on the SSL. Watch for this killer track coming soon!

Tech N9ne / Everyready Is Ready
Engineer Rob Rebeck has completed the latest Tech N9ne album, EVERYREADY, on the Universal label. By far the most innovative project we've done for Strange Music and Tech plus great tracks from Seven.

XV Invades Studio B
The talented rapper XV has moved into Studio B producing his new album.. Working with XV is producer SEVEN and Rob Rebeck. We won't be surprised if XV is signed with a major by the end of the year.  This young man is that good. Visit his website . . . Royaltycity.com

Brandon Smith / New Album
Long time Chapman Recording "Rap" client BRANDON SMITH is putting the finishing touches on his new cd project. Some of the regions best producers and rappers have come together to make this an outstanding new release.

Making History / G. Rice Project
Grant Rice has camped out in Studio B working on his latest album "MAKING HISTORY". Shown above is Grant along with engineer Rob Rebeck and producer Seven. (l-r G. Rice, R. Rebeck and Seven)

Rich The Factor Is Back
Chapman Recording is very excited about the return of national recording artist Rich The Factor. Over the years we have recorded many project for Rich and it's great to be working with him again upon his return from the west coast. Welcome back Rich !

Madden NFL 2006  / Tech N9ne Scores Big
We are very excited about the inclusion of the Tech N9ne track, THE BEAST, on the upcoming MADDEN NFL 2006 Playstation game. The track was engineered by our talent Robert Rebeck with Tech and Travis O'Guin producing Look for the games release fall of 2006. Congratulation Tech!!!

TWIZTID / National Act Records
The wild and twisted TWIZTID visited Chapman Recording recently to cut vocals for a new project. In Kansas City for shows at the Beaumont Club the sessions were engineered for Psychopathic Records by Robert Rebeck.

Killa C / Dirty Thug Records
Dirty Thug Records national recording artist "Killa C" has been in Studio B working on a new album project. The sessions are being produced by Killa C and staff engineer Robert Rebeck. This is our 4th album for the record label. http://www.dirtythug.com/

G Unit Project / Kansas City Connection
G Unit Records, 50 Cent's label, was in Studio B  doing vocals for a up coming project.

Kutt Calhoun / Strange Music Album Project
National recording artist Kutt Calhoun has completed his new album, "BLEVE", for Strange Music, Inc. Guest artists include Tech N9ne, Big Krizz Kaliko and Scatterman & Snug. This great new record is now in stores across the US and at the website . . . . http://www.kutt.com/

Nappy Roots / Atlantic Recording Artists
National recording artist Nappy Roots were in Studio B tracking vocals for Tech N9ne's great new album. The sessions were produced for Strange Music. The group currently has a hit album climbing the Billboard charts as well as MTV hit video!

New Tracks For BEEF Soundtrack / Tech N9ne Project
We've just completed tracks for the BEEF soundtrack. Tech N9ne recorded several new songs for the album and is produced by Strange Music, MSC Entertainment and QD3 Entertainment. The albums features songs by Warren G, N.W.A, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and Westside Connection.

Yukmouth Project / Tech N9ne Track
Chapman Recording recorded a track with Tech N9ne for Yukmouths' new cd "THUG LORD: The New Testament". The track "Regime Killers 2001" was produced for Virgin Records and Strange Music.

Studio B recently saw more major label action with the new TECH N9NE project "Absolute Power" for Accept Album LLC and Strange Music Inc. Tech's first album, also recorded at Chapman Recording, was a major success. In the first week of it's release "Anghellic" came in at #57 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums and #14 on the Rap Album charts. Regionally the record outsold "N Sync and Garth Brooks, (36,000 units sold in Kansas City), with industry giant Quincy Jones calling Tech "The Charlie Parker of Rap". Rap Industry magazine THE SOURCE gave the new cd their 3 Mic award saying . . ."Tech N9ne takes full advantage of his considerable abilities and has created a dope album that draws listeners to his wicked tales like a moth to a searing flame". www.therealtechn9ne.com