Chapman Recording & Mastering

Mastering - Audio Refinement For Airplay & CD Duplication
Mastering is one of the most important steps in creating the final sound of any music project. It's where a collection of individual songs come together as one cohesive package.

The mixing process is normally spread out over days or weeks which can result in a group of songs with slightly inconsistent overall levels and EQ or tone.

The mastering process addresses these issues globally with tasteful use of compression, limiting and equalization. All of this is to insure that your project sounds great on a variety of playback systems like radio, home and car stereo, portable players and the web. The final results of mastering are often referred to as punchy, louder, brighter and more in your face.

Bringing a fresh pair of ears to the process is another benefit of the mastering process. This can be the difference between a good and a great sounding CD.

Our mastering engineer will evaluate your mixes and determine how to get the most out of your tracks. We use a combination of analog compressors, expanders and equalizers to create our signature sound. Protools is used primarily as a recording and sequencing platform. We believe that great mastering can not be accomplished through software alone and requires the warmth of superior analog equipment.

The Mastering Process:
Raises overall levels
Matches individual song levels
Corrects mix deficiencies with equalization
Enhances flow with track spacing
Eliminates pre and post track noise
Gives mixes a polished radio sound

Mastering is the final step before your project hits the street make sure your ready.

Mastering Rates
$75 per song - 1 x Song.
$125 per hour - 2 or More Songs.
(We can normally master 3 to 4 songs per hour.)

For more information call 913-894-6854

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(effective 8-15-17)

Mastering Rates
$75.00 per Song - 1 x song
$125 per Hour - 2 or more songs
"We can normally master
3 to 4 songs per hour"
Call 913-894-6854