Chapman Recording & Mastering

Our History -

40 Years of Recording, Mixing and Mastering

From the early 1970's Chapman Recording and Mastering has been active with all types of production and several technological evolutions within the professional audio industry.

When we opened our doors the cassette and twenty-four track were new formats and most studios were still "one big room".

Since then we've experienced remarkable growth away from the limitations of magnetic tape and linear recording to the unlimited possibilities of digital audio.

We've participated in the creative process on thousands of sessions while working with some of the greatest talent ever.

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8805 Monrovia Street
Lenexa, Ks. 66215 (A Suburb of Kansas City, Mo.)

KC Star Article "Tech N9ne, Jewel, Bryan Adams worked here"
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Gary Charleson - Classics From The Past
Back in the '70's and 80's Titan Records was a powerhouse of pop releasing classic after classic under a banner of "It's All Pop". One of their most prolific artist was Gary Charlson. Gary wrote memorable catchy rock pop lyrics with energetic rock guitar backing tracks. Gary is still performing around Kansas City. The Titan Records library has been picked up by the Chicago based label "Numero Group" who is now districbuting the greatest hits album "It's All Pop".

5th Street Control Room
Shown above is original 1978 control room at our 5th street facility. The room featured an Electrodyne console, Ampex MM1000 16 track 2" recorder and Westlake BBSM 15 monitors.

It All Started With Damon Studios
Mr. Victor Damon, founder of Damon Studios in 1933. Mr. Damon was instrumental in the development of spring reverb units, his prototype was used on many early Decca recordings. He also helped modify and upgrade the Scully Westrex disc cutting head amplifiers for Hacco, a leading disc mastering equipment manufacture. Damon Studios also housed the Damon Recording label which won "Record Of The Year" from Billboard magazine in 1948 for "My Happiness" by Jon and Sondra Steel. The Song was written by Kansas City artist Betty Blasco. Chuck Chapman started with Damon Studio in 1972 and later purchased the business.

The World of 1970 Analog
Equipment row at Damon Studios on 14th street. The engineer stood in front of the tall rack of Ampex mixers while listening to monitor speakers, located in the ceiling. (Circa 1972)

Damon Studio, 1970
A view of the studio floor and the second level control room and client viewing area. Notice the curved acoustic walls and the "Tension Relieving" punching bag. (Circa 1972)

Down In The Pit
Looking down from the control room into Damon Studios. Kansas City Symphony member Bob Jones sits at grand piano while Charles Button adds bass track, .(Circa 1973)

A Future Hit Songwriter
Jerry Vandiver on the right rehearses acoustic guitar part. Jerry went on to write several hit songs for country star Tim McGraw and now lives and works in Nashville. (Circa 1973)

Folk, Rock, Country . . . We Did It All
Don Young plays bass on one of his many original songs. (Circa 1973)

Talented Songwriter & Singer
Larry van loon nails down a piano track at Damon Studios. Larry now lives and works in Nashville as a session player and songwriter. (Circa 1973)

Another Trip To Nashville
Chuck Chapman with Custom Mastering engineer M.C. Rather. The Nashville firm has been mastering Chapman tracks since 1972. (Circa 1974)

Cavern Studios
Seated in the Cavern Studios at the Electrodyne console is Chuck Chapman. The studio was located at 291 Highway and Truman Road in an industrial cave. The location was very quiet and had a great sounding "Civil Defense" vault that we used for an acoustic reverb chamber.
(Circa 1975)

Before There Was Digital
Here you see eningeer Chuck Chapman at our 16 input 8 buss Electrodyne console. Not many choices with 3 bands of EQ and 1 aux send but it sounded great. The console had come from American Studio in Memphis and recorded several Elvis records over the years with producer Chips Momon. (Circa 1978).

Fifth Street Gospel Session
Engineer Chuck Chapman checks a chart with gospel artist Frank Frazier in control room A, yet to be remodeled. Chuck and Frank teamed up on a dozen albums with "Telephone To Glory" selling over 30,000 copes. (Circa 1977)

John Briggs & Dan Weir
An early session at the new Chapman Studios in the River Quay. Seated left to right are Chuck Chapman, producer Dan Weir, unknown keyboard player and recording artist John Biggs. (Circa 1978)

Norton Canfield Does Another Take
Cowtown Music founder and area acoustic recording artist Norton Canfield works on a track for his album "Centipede". Norton was very instrumental with expanding the area acoustic and folk scene. He is currently a park ranger at the Truman home in Independence, Missouri. (Circa 1978)

Bluegrass on Fifth Street
Members of the Grand PooBa Beaner Band along with leader Clark Gallager record parts for and original album, Notice the studio walls have not yet been treated, raw but good!! (Circa 1978)

Gary Charlson Tears It Up
Gary Charlson, (right), and Dave Serb perform during a mini concert in Studio A at Chapman's 228 West 5th Studio. On several occasion we would invite 75 guest to sit in the studio while an artist put on a show while we recorded it. (Circa 1980)

Kathryn Lorenzen Takes The Stage
Kathryn Lorenzen, (on the left), joins the band "on stage". In the same studio, 20 years later Kathryn would cut here own cd, "Portfolio" with Chuck Chapman. (Circa 1980)

The Pott County Experience
The "Pot County Pork and Bean Band" leans over the Eletrodyne console, now installed in the 228 West 5th studios. The band spent over 18 months recording an album with Chuck Chapman. We tried everything on this record, i.e. backwards acoustic guitars, dozens of amp for different textures and then over driving every piece of gear we had to give their country sound an edge. (Circa 1982)

One Of KC's Finest Piano Players
Piano "Wild Man" Dan Doran was a regular client and session player on early Chapman tracks. Dan was featured during one of our infamous "New Years Day" party session. A demo for Greg Camp became a record due to the outstanding piano parts of Dan. (Circa 1983)

Our Metal Phase Begins
Engineer Mike Frazier and producer Eric Grief tune a mix of some "heavy metal" track in the remodeled control room A. The engineer/producer teamed up on dozens of regional successes with the "metal" set. One the duo's most famous was Foxy Foxy. Mike now works in Branson.
(Circa 1985)

A Talented Singer Songwriter
Fireballs guitar player and vocalist George Tomsco reviews a vocal take in "A" at 228 West 5th Street. George had played with the Norman Petty studio band which backed up many of Buddy Holly's early recordings. The Fireballs also had hits of their own . . "Sugar Shack". George is now back in New Mexico still making music. (Circa 1987)

Wheels Interview
The band "WHEELS" is interviewed by John Jessup for a KCPT public television show. The band had just completed a live tv performance and wrapped up another round of sessions at Chapman Studios on 5th Street. Pictured l-r are . . .Jack Mulligan, Bob Blount, Bruce Sidener, Jimmy Harlow, Mark Sidener, Brad Millison and John Jessup. The project was produced by Chip Sotorious, a former band member of Chuck Chapman. (Circa 1985)

A Future Chapman Recording Engineer
Session player and soundtrack composer Jack Mulligan tests the piano in Studio A at 228 West 5th Street. Jack later joined the Chapman staff as an engineer. (Circa 1990)

Jazz On Fifth Street
Jazz great Steve Cardenez (left) and Greg Whitfield rehearse while getting a headphone mix. The "Guacamole Band" was just one of the groups formats to recording with Chapman Studios. (Circa 1984)

One Of The Regions Best Rock Songwriters
Above Donnie Miller cuts his Columbia Records cd on 5th Street. Donnie was managed by Chris Fritz and Abe Hawk. The album "One Of The Boys" was produced by Jason Casaro.  Also seen in the photo is Keith Lueke, Kirk Karrow and Greg Warrell. (Circa 1988)

We've Had Our Share Of TV & Movie Stars
Chuck Chapman with actor Robert Conrad in Studio A on 5th Street. Robert was in to record a reading of the Bible for Jim Gentry. We got some great out takes on this session when Conrad blew up at the writer for bad grammar and punctuation. (Circa 1988)

Anyone Need A Horn Section?
The "Shake House Horns" lay down a track for Hallmark Cards soundtrack. Seen in Studio A on 5th Street is Carl Bender, the late Pat Morrissey and Stan Kessler. (Circa 1992)