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Chapman Recording and Mastering has four decades of broadcast and corporate production experience.

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Our knowledge of various playback and delivery formats will guarantee your message gets through loud and clear.

We provide flexible scheduling and quick delivery of all our services via two state of the art studios in a "living room" environment.

Chapman Recording and Mastering has been presented numerous local, regional and national awards including the Emmy, Omni, Namma, ITVA and Silver Microphone.

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Area singer songwriter Kathryn Lorenzen has another song placed with FOX TV and "THE LAST MAN ON EARTH". The recorded tracks will be used in 4 episodes over the 2015 season. The track was originally recorded for Titan Records and engineered by Chuck Chapman.

Snap Judgment Radio Show
We recorded interviews for the NPR show "Snap Judgment". The "Davy - Ellie Interviews" was engineered by Neil Simpson and produced by Davy Kim via phone patch back to the east coast.

The French Open
The remarkable voice over talent Roberta Solomon was in town recently and recorded several spots for the French Open. The spots were produced for NBC Sports. The ISDN session was engineered by our own Neil Simpson.

Dialog Replacement for Chicago
Studio B has been booked with a wide range of projects in 2015. One of the latest is a dialog replacement session for the NBC drama "CHICAGO PD". The session was done via ISDN and co-produced by engineer Neil Simpson.

News giant CNN worked with engineer Neil Simpson to recording audio for an international web story.

Kansas City Marathon
We are pleased to be involved with the "2015 Kanas City Marathon" this year. The musical side of the project is a colaboration between Mark Valentine, area talent and Chapman Recording and Mastering. The album is being produced by Mark and engineered by Rob Rebeck and George Hunt. The cd created over the next few months will be part of a larger promotional package given to thousands who attend and participate.

Engineer Neil Simpson takes a break with Clay Elder of CARRIE DIARIES.
Studio B was the site for a dialog replacement session for THE CW Nework and Producer
Justin Pittman.

Mike Farrell for Mother Jones Podcast
Producers Mike Mechanic and Brett Brownell worked with "MASH" actor Mike Farrell for web content client Mother Jones. The session was handled by staff engineer Evan Clark in Studio B.

Local Classic Holiday Track
If you live in the Kansas City area then you've probably heard "Christmas In Kansas City". Each year it gets heavy airplay from Thanksgiving Day to Charistmas Day. We original produced the track for the Plaza Restaurant Association and they used it for several years to promote holiday dinning. Since then it has become a local standard heard by millions and used on many radio station promotional albums. Start a tradition and let us create a custom piece for your client. For more info call 913-894-6854.

Hoops & YoYo Ruin Christmas - A Hallmark Card Production
Hallmark Card producers worked with national voice over talent to created the children program HOOPS & YOYO RUIN CHRITMAS for international broadcast. The project was engineered by staff engineer Evan Clark in Studio B.

Kansas City VO Talent Bret Iwan has been in recording tracks for Disney. Bret's speciality is Mickey Mouse. The sessions were engineered by our own Evan Clark in Studio B. Listen for more of Bret's work for Disney in the future.

Comedian Brian Scolaro Entertains for FX Network.
National funny man Brian Scolaro was in Studio B to record lines for his latest FX NETWORK show. Connections via ISDN to LA. Brian can be seen and heard all over the airways and with his standup gig.

Kenny Rogers Surround Mix
Music icon Kenny Rogers had his personal sound-man Frank Farrell in Studio B mixing 5.1 for an upcoming concert DVD. The project includes Dolly Parton, Alision Krause, Wynonna Judd, Chris Issac and his original "First Edition" band. Coming to a network near you soon.

Rob Riggle was in Studio B again recording tracks for the animated series American Dad for the Fox Network. Rob is a regular on the John Stewart Show and is the voices for several animated characters. He also appeared in the 2009 movie "The Hangover". The session was engineered by our own Evan Clark.

KU Basketball Star Cole Aldrich For Providence Medical Center
Wide Awake Films had KU basketball great Cole Aldrich in doing voice overs for Providence Medical Center. The sessions were produced by WAF's Shane Sealy with engineering by Evan Clark.

JEWEL'S Audio Book "A Night Without Armor"
Our Studio B was host to recording artist JEWEL. Brought in by New York based Harper Collins Publishing
for a book on tape, she also tracked several guitar pieces for transitions between chapters. The entire album
was recording at Chapman Recording and sessions were produced by Rick Harris. "A NIGHT WITHOUT ARMOR"
became a New York Times Best Seller and won the 1999 Audie Award for Best Poetry recording.

American Dad Returns For Fox
Victor Raider-Wexler was in with engineer-producer Evan Clark recording tracks for the Fox animated series AMERICAN DAD. Victor is a well know character and voice actor with thousands of credits from Seinfield to King of Quieens.

Wide Awake Films & Danny Cox
Two of our favorite people were in Studio B recently. Danny Cox, legendary recording artist, songwriter, singer and actor is revoicing a project for "Wilson's Creek National Park" visitors center. Producing the project is the talented writer, shooter, editor and producer Shane Seley. Staff engineer Evan Clark is handling all of the audio recording plus the 5.1 surround mix.

WICKED "The Musical" In Studio B
The touring version of WICKED with production stage manager Bryan Landrine has been in recording tracks for the show. Actors from the musical recorded several musical tracks to be used in the stage show.

Andrews McMeel Publishing has been in Studio B with engineer Neil Simpson recording the book on tape of the best-seller "THE BLUE DAY BOOK" by former Australian paratrooper Bradley Trevor Greive. The author is based in Tasmanian but was in Kansas City for a radio tour.

Account Temps Spots - Victor Raider-Wexler
Engineer / producer Evan Clark in session with verteran actor Victor Raider-Wexler. The session was produced for Oink Ink Radio and client Account Temps. Victor is well know on both coasts for such work as Seinfield and King of Quieens.

Producer Anita Osbourn and voice over talent Richard W. Fatherley were in Studio B working on a new Baskin Robbins radio spot. The session was engineered by Evan Clark who used our blazing fast Soundminer music and sound effect search system. SM allows us to search thousands of choices in seconds and then transfer that selection directly into the Protools timeline or session window.

Chapman Recording is proud to offer voice over services for the new Branson Television Network. The session was produced by Steve Presley of PRESLEY'S with vo duties handled by Richard W. Fatherley. The session was complete in our new Studio B.

National Voice Over Talent and Actor Connects With KC
Producer Rebecca Edlund worked with Bill Monday to produce a track in Studio B with engineer Evan Clark. Bill is not only a well heard voice on Disney and CBS but as an actor on films that include Smallville, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Traffic with Michael Douglas. The session was done via ISDN to Bill's home studio.

WE THE PEOPLE - A Documentary From Inland Sea Productions
Producers and filmmakers John Altman and Amiee Larabee are putting the finishing touches on their major film release "WE THE PEOPLE". The documentary tells the story of politics in the United States and was narrated by singer songwriter Kenny Rogers. Audio production is being done by our own Evan Clark who has done narration recording, sound effects and sound design as well as music spotting. The original score was done by Kansas City native John Mistler. The film is being made in collaboration with The Bill of Rights Institute and The Smithsonian.

Chapman Recording just competed an ISND session for BLAST Productions of NY and retail giant MACY'S. The voice over session was engineered by Evan Clark.

Producer Jim Gencur with Royals great George Brett in Studio A working on Mutual Mortgage radio spots.

Voice actor Joe Leahy working with engineer Evan Clark for DISNEY & PIXAR. Joe, a Kansas City native, is one of the most in demand vo talents in LA. He has done everything from CBS & FOX television to dozens of movie and cartoon rolls. He now splits his time between KC and LA.


Actor Richard Thomas visited Studio B and engineer Evan Clark to record a series of national spots for Mercedes-Benz. Mr. Thomas is famous for his role in the THE WALTON'S tv series as John Boy as well as hundreds of other movie and television roles.

Daily Show Regular Does Character VO

Rob Riggie has been working in Studio C for LA based Sleeping Giant Productions. Rob is know for his work on Saturday Night Live & The Office and was doing voices for a new animated series.

William Shatner visited Chapman Recording to voice a project for NBC television. We have worked with Mr, Shanter on several projects over the years when he was in town for the American Royal. He is the consument professional and a joy to work with.

The Epic Battle of Wilson Creek

Wide Awake Films has produced the first HD video with 5.1 surround sound installed at any national park in the US. The Wilson Creek project was produced by Shane Sealey, Rob Hodge and Ed Lydecker. Narration was provide by Richard Ward Fatherley with surround sound sound design and mix by Chuck Chapman with the assistants of Shane Sealey. The 24 minute film will be shown in a theatre on the park grounds. The battlefield is just outside of Springfield Missouri.

Pirate music lives on with regional favorite THE JOLLY ROGERS band. The groups has long been a big draw at The Renaissance Festivals around the country. They have been in Studio C with Chuck Chapman finishing a new concert DVD which includes performances at the GEM THEATRE and THE RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL of Kansas City. The project was mixed in 5.1 with live recording by Don James and David Gillmore. For more info visit the bands website . . .

The Leo Project has been in re-recording an updated version of the classic hit "Kansas City" to be used at Kansas City Royals home games.


Producer David Vickers has been in Studio B working on several video projects for NWA. The sessions were engineered by Chuck Chapman, Evan Clark and Neil Simpson.

FX Network Promos

Studio B was filled with some of the funniest voices and writers in the city for a roundtable vo session for MK12. Producer Teddy Dibble had his talented group ad-libbing for a series of promos for the FX NETWORK. Engineering was handled by Evan Clark.

Audio Books

Producer Aimee Curtis has completed a series "audio books" for the NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE. The sessions featured many of KC's best voices including Michael Ashcraft, Cathy & Dan Barnett, Tom Kinnan & Kathleen Leighton. These tapes and discs will be sold worldwide through NPH.

CW Network Carson Kressley Session
We recently completed a session for The CW Network with Carson Kressley. We recorded promos and tags for their new fall show "CROWNED". Mr. Kressley is currently appearing on Bravo TV in "Queer Eye" .

Actor Brian Doyle-Murray
The CARTOON NETWORK recently booked Studio C to recording voice tracks for their newest animated series, "The Marvelous
Misadventures of Flapjack". Talent was none other than actor Brian Doyle-Murray famous for his roles on Saturday Night Live,
Caddy Shack and Ground Hog Day. Three episodes were recorded via phone patch to the Cartoon headquarters in LA. Watch for the new series in the next few months!

Recording Legend Visits Studio
International recording artist Marilyn Maye graced Studio C recently to work on a project for author and producer Richard Ward Fatherley. The session was part of a project for Richard's up coming book about the radio industry and singing radio ID's. Marilyn was a session singer in the mid 1950's, recording many sessions at Damon Studios. The same studio where engineer Chuck Chapman started his career in the early 1970's. Both worked for the recording pioneer Victor Damon.

Sprint Center Project
The Kansas City Sprint Center will have a video walk around produced by David Vickers. The video will play on dozens of flat screen monitors throughout the hall. The project was voiced by Richard Fatherley, Max Graham and Jim Birdsal (NFL Films) with video production by Take2. Voice over and music sessions were recorded and mixed by Evan Clark and Chuck Chapman. A custom music track was composed by our own Brett Francis.

Robot Chicken For Cartoon Network
The new animated series "Robot Chicken" was in Studio C with Evan Clark doing voices for a new episode. The session was voiced by Dustin Diamond of "Saved By The Bell" fame and produced by Seth Green of the "Austin Powers" movies and Hugh Sterbakov.

Audio Book For Random House Audio
Author Will Bowan recorded his new book on tape for publishing giant Random House Audio in Studio C. The four day session was recorded by our own Evan Clark.

American Idol Taylor Hicks
American Idol star Taylor Hicks visited Studio B to record a voice over for a national tv spot. The session was engineered and produced by our own Evan Clark.

Royals Hall Of Fame 2nd Baseman
Frank White
Former Kansas City Royals 2'd baseman Frank White was in Studio C for The Crawford Dealers of Raytown. The session was produced by Rick Miller for N & N advertising. A portion of the spots where voiced by veteran talent JP Morgan and engineered by Chuck Chapman.

CBS/College Sports TV / Going Yard
The nomads of college baseball Evan Markfied and Matt Meyers visited Studio B to record a new song for CSTV, (college sports tv). The anthem is a tribute to their road trip to baseball parks all over the country and a visit to the college world series in Omaha. The session was engineered by Chuck Chapman

CaterPillar Produces DVD With Barnstorming
Heavy machine manufacturer CATERPILLAR was in Studio B working with Barnstorming Inc. on a new product dvd. The project was voiced by Greg Funk and engineered by Chuck Chapman.

Country Artist Steve Azar Does Doc / HNTB Project
National country recording artist Steve Azar has completed narration for the documentary "SECOND CROSSING" for HNTB. The project is produced by Jeff Herzer and was engineered by Chuck Chapman. The session was recorded at Digital Audio Post in Nashville.

KU MED Spots / Actor Tom Skerritt
A series of radio spots for KUMED were recorded in Studio B with actor Tom Skerritt. Mr. Skerritt is known for his performances in Robert Altman's "MASH", "ALIEN" and "CONTACT" just to name a few. The sessions were engineered by Evan Clark.

ALPHA DOG DVD / Soundtrack
We're excited about our involvement on the new film ALPHA DOG which stars Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone and Justin Timberlake. As it turns out director Nick Cassavetes is an huge Tech N9ne fan and wanted Tech to score a portion of the film. Tech immediately contacted staff engineer Robert Rebeck and Chapman Recording to arrange studio time to track and mix the music. Also involved was Tech's musical partner Krizz Kalico, the project was produced for Travis O'Guin and Strange Music Inc.

Wide Awake Films Wins Emmy
Wide Awake Films has won an Emmy for their Civil War documentary "The Battle of Franklin: Five Hours in the Valley of Death". The WAF team beat out 267 nominees to win in the Documentary/Historical category. The production team consisted of Shane Sealy, Ed Leydecker, Rob Hodge, Richard Fatherley and Chuck Chapman. The dvd was show on PBS last November.

Spanish Language Spots For Commerce Bank
A series of spanish language radio spots were recorded for Commerce Bank by Chapman Recording. The sessions were produced by Paula Oakman and engineered by Chuck Chapman. The nationally aired spots were voiced by Dan Hurst and Kathy Quinn.

Surround Mix For Mt Vernon Project
We've just completed surround mixes for the latest film from Inland Sea Productions. Producers John Altman and Amiee Larabee created the new film, "Pre Show Welcome", for the renovated visitors center at Mount Vernon. The project features WHEEL OF FORTUNE host Pat Sajack. The project was mixed in the 5.1 surround format by Chuck Chapman in Studio C. The sessions included dozens of life like sound effects and period music. The final film will be shown in a newly construction 400 seat theater on museum grounds.

University Of Kansas / Jingle for National TV & Radio
We recently completed a new jingle for KU that will be used during nationally broadcast sporting events, ie ESPN & ABC. The track was produced by Frank Barthell of KU and written by Chapman Recording staff composer Brett Frances. The session was recording and mixed by Chuck Chapman and airs throughout the 2006-2007 football and basketball season.

H & R Block DVD / Audio For Video Production
We've just finished a week long session sweetening a new dvd for Take Two Productions and H & R Block. The project was written, directed and produced by Roger Hull and engineered by Chuck Chapman. The dvd includes 2 one hour shows on the "SKILL FOR SUCCESS" and will used to train over 1100 Block employees.

John Deere / National Spot Production
VO talent Richard Fatherely (left) and engineer/producer Chuck Chapman have been working several weeks to complete a series of radio spots for agricultural giant John Deere. The spots will air national through 2007.

Disney Project / Audio For Video Production
Miami based DAVID NIXON PRODUCTIONS has been in Studio C recording narration for the magic kingdom. VO talent Michael Ashcraft at the mic with Evan Clark engineering.

Movie Of The Month / MK12 & AMC Movie Channel
We've just completed several new MOVIE OF THE MONTH spots for MK12 and the AMC MOVIE CHANNEL. Michael Ashcraft narrated the bumpers for both JAWS and JURASSIC PARK. These entertaining promos can been seen on AMC through the end of July 2006.

Doctors Do Spots / National Series
Nearly 50 area doctors converged on Studio C to participate in the recording of radio spots for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The sessions were produced by our Evan Clark for the Powers Agency with assistance by Sara Medley. Both studios were booked for the gathering and there was plenty of good networking by all.

Designer of the Corvette / Cumberford Narration
The designer of the Corvette and Mustang, Robert Cumberford, was in Studio B recording narration for 13 episodes of a new television show. The sessions were produced by John Altman for Inland Sea Productions and engineered by Chuck Chapman. Watch for this fascinating story of auto design and manufacturing.

Voice Of Academy Awards / Hallmark Session
Studio B was graced with a project from Hallmark Cards with producer Kent Hermes and vo talent Tom Kane. Tom was the voice of the ACADEMY AWARDS this year and can be heard on hundreds of national spots including Apple's SUPER BOWL spots and as Yoda in STAR WARS. (L-R Evan Clark, Tom Kane, Kent Hermes)

Theme For Children International
Kansas City based Children International recorded a new theme or anthem \for their summer 2006 convention. The warm and earthly track was produced by Brian Anderson and Dolores Quinn Kitchen. The session featured several talented local musicians and a high school choir. The lyrics where in both english and spanish and the session was engineered by Robert Rebeck.

MLS & MLB / National Spots
Wide Awake Films has just completed audio on a series of radio and tv spots for Major League Soccer and Baseball for Team Coalition. The spots were produced by Ed Lydecker, edited by Shane Sealey and engineered by Chuck Chapman. The TEAM Coalition, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the National Football League are supporting the designated driver programs at all MLB, MLS and NFL sports facilities during the 2005/06 seasons with a special incentive.

NBA / Voice Over
National vo talent Daniel Joseph was in Studio B recording spots for NAB.COM with engineer Chuck Chapman. Daniel can heard on everything from AT&T and MCI to Pizza Hut Spots.

Eddie Munster / Records For Hallmark Halloween
Hallmark Cards was in Studio C recording a piece with Eddie Munster, aka Butch Patrick. The in house production will be used during the halloween season. The session was engineered by Evan Clark.

Live Webcast / Stowers Innovations
Studio B was the site of a live webcast for Stowers Innovations. The expert panel included (seated l-r) Doug Lockwood, Sam Goller, moderator Kathleen Leighton, Dr. Sheelagh Manheim and Jack Jonathan. The live event was produced by Mike Henry of Point Productions, technical assistance by Kevin Mullen. Audio mixing was done by Chuck Chapman.

Museum Display / Oklahoma Historical Society
Chapman Recording has just finished work on a project for Wide Awake FilmS. The piece will be used in the Oklahoma Historical Societies museum in Oklahoma City. The production follows the meeting on a regional tribe and Lewis and Clark as well as a letter from Thomas JeffersoN. The sessions included sweetening of music and sound effectS. The project was produced by Shane Sealey and engineered by Chuck Chapman.

Dupont Radio / National Series
Recently some of the most talented production people in Kansas City gathered in Studio B to record a spot for Dupont. The session included vo talent (L-R) Gary Kerr, Wes Cunningham, McCormick Company producer Mike Campbell and JP Morgan. The session was engineered by Chuck Chapman and featured a Nascar theme.

BNSF PROJECT / "In The Blink Of An Eye"
Indie producer David Vickers is in Studio C with engineer Chuck Chapman sweetening a new safety video for BNSF Railroad. The project offers a variety of unique sound effects and new logo treatment.

Madden NFL 2006 / Tech N9ne Scores Big
We are very excited about the inclusion of the Tech N9ne track, THE BEAST, on the upcoming MADDEN NFL 2006 Play-station game. The track was engineered by our talented Robert Rebeck with Tech and Travis O'Guin producing. Look for the games release fall of 2006. Congratulation Tech!!!

"Lenexa One Mile" Film Soundtrack
With the "LENEXA ONE MILE" movie being shot in Kansas City the films producers decided to cut music for the film here as well. The very talented Gary Clark Jr. Band was in Studio B with Chapman Recording engineer Robert Rebeck. Gary Clark Jr. is nationally know for his guitar chops and earthly style. The band flew in from Austin to recording and perform on camera along with William Baldwin, Jennifer Hall (also on the recording sessions), Michael Beach, Chris Klein, Austin Nichols, the son of the late John Ritter Jason Ritter, Michael Rooker, Josh Stewart and Paul Wesley. The project is being directed by Jason Wiles of NBC's THIRD WATCH fame.

MTV Damage Control / Tracks For Reality TV
Simple Plan lead singer Pierre Bouvier was in Studio B recording tracks for MTV's reality show "DAMAGE CONTROL". The audio will be used in an upcoming episode and was engineered by Evan Clark.

Surround Sound Spot To Play In Theaters
Inland Sea Productions has been working on a spot for the FORD MOTOR COMPANY that will play on AMC screens throughout the country. The sessions were produced by John Altman and Amiee Larabee. The spot was scored by Brett Francis and mixed for surround sound by Chuck Chapman. Watch for "Driving Skills For Life" at a theatre near you!

The Way Of The Cross / International CD Project
Chapman Recording is proud to be part of the international "Way of the Cross" project. The cd was produced for the America Needs Fatima organization with narration by Richard W. Fatherley and engineering by Chuck Chapman. The edited audio was sent to europe for music editing and then mixed by Simon Mas of Octopussy studios of Madrid Spain.

"Move It" / National Jingle
Studio singers have completed vocals on a new jingle for an international hitch manufacturer. The project was produced by Rustin Hamilton for Hamilton Productions and engineered by Chuck Chapman. The jingle will be used in national tv spots beginning this spring.

Kansas Speedway
Chapman Recording engineer Evan Clark has been working with producers from Barnstorming Productions on a video/web project for the Kansas Speedway. This wraps up a number of sessions over the last year for BP and the speedway.

Jennifer Bushman / National Supermarket Radio
International cooking expert Jennifer Bushman was in Studio B for Tanglewood Productions recording radio spots for a west coast supermarket chain. The ISDN session was engineered by Chuck Chapman.

Victoria's Secret / In House Project
Chapman Recording has just completed several days of vo recording for Victoria's Secrets. The sessions for SMG featured voice over talent Kathleen Leighton and were engineered by Evan Clark

"Get Out" TV / E Network Project
Chapman Recording has just completed 2 days of vo recording for the satellite E Network. The sessions for the "Get Out" show and host Lindsey Clubnc were directed by HD Republic Productions of Dallas Texas with staff engineer Evan Clark at the controls.

Bill Kurtis Project / HNTB & State Of Kansas
Architecture giant HNTB has been in Studio C editing a project for the State of Kansas. The track was narrated by A & E's own Bill Kurtis. The session was produced y Jeff Herzer of HNTB and engineered by Chuck Chapman

Harper Audio Project / Lerner Book On Tape
New York based Harper Audio recently recorded Harriet Lerner's new book on tape in Studio B. The session was produced Harper producer Rick Harris.

NBC's "Average Joe" Star Cuts Spots
Park University producer Dave Holt is seen with NBC Television's "AVERAGE JOE" star Melana Scantlin in Studio B. Both were in to record a new radio spot for Park. Melana had just come back from a spot on the Jay Leno show and was headed to New York for more television work.

Jazz Great Queen Bey / Kansas Tourism
Shown above in Studio B with engineer/producer Chuck Chapman is jazz great Queen Bey. The Queen was in house recording a narration track for "A Quest For Freedom", a video production by First Generation Video for the Kansas State of Tourism.

National Aviation Weather Workshop
Chapman Recording recently provided location video and audio services for the "National Aviation Weather Workshop" at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration complex in Kansas City. The three day event covered all types of weather forecasting procedures and techniques as well as problem solving exercises We will produce a 12 dvd compilation for each attendee and their home station. Seen above is engineer assistant Neil Simpson at the audio workstation position.

BMX Champion
The grandfather of BMX freestyle Dennis McCoy recently cut a session in Studio B. The project was produced via phone patch by Kelly "K" for Los Angeles based Moviso.

KCPT Project Wins Emmy
KCPT writer and producer Pam Reichard has won a Emmy for her new project "The Road To Kanorodo". The public television sessions were co-produced by Angee Simmon. Area musicians who provided original compositions and great performances include Dave Simmons, Jeff Hudson and BZ Parscale. The Elders' Brent Hoad provided fiddle and mandolin tracks and the project was narrated by national recording artist Melissa Etheridge. Chapman Recording is proud to have been involved with this fantastic production.

TLC Series
Producers from BBC Television recently visited Studio C to record audio for the new home decorating show, "While You Were Out". Host Anna Bocci narrated the pilot and 2 additional episodes with the first to air July 6th on the The Learning Channel. The sessions were recorded and edited by Chuck Chapman.

Eternal Egypt
Nelson Atkins Museum curator Mark Wilson recently recorded tracks for the upcoming exhibit "Eternal Egypt: Masterworks of Ancient Art from The British Museum". The project was produced via ISDN by Accoustic-Guide of New York and engineered by Robert Rebeck.